Crocheted food is much fun!




Lately I’ve become a crochet food kind of girl. This crochet food idea is my absolute favourite and it’s actually a whole lots of fun! It’s even more fun than cooking real food, although the fact that I can’t eat them in reality reduces the amount of fun just a little bit. Haha. I still find it a bit tricky to make 3D crochet. I tell you, stuffing and sewing those donuts turned out to be very very challenging. I definitely need more practice and more patience. But seriously, how cute are they?

The idea of making crocheted fruits and foods as Abigail’s toys for play-pretend has hit me hard recently. It sounds very tempting (and ambitious, ha!) but I’m still not sure I can commit to this project (I have this granny squares blanket project, too, for this year, remember?). But we’ll see. Fingers crossed I can accomplish it.

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Some notes for this mama






The past week wasn’t an easy week. It was just no joke. This little girl didn’t agree to quite a few things I said, I got really mad, husband was on his 2 week duty out of town (glad he’ll be back in just a few days!) and I was really frustrated. I whined to my husband everyday about how stressful and exhausted I was with her behaviour those days. I felt lonely and let all the negativities strike in and bam! I cried. I thought it was too much and I just felt like crying. I know and we all know that not a single problem in this world can be solved by crying, but it is needed to release all the tensions once a while. And actually, after releasing all the tensions and letting go the negative vibes, I could slowly gather and get myself back by thinking clearly.

Trying to fix it, my gut told me to avoid malls or crowded places for a few days. So unless it’s school hours, we will just stay at home and play around our apartment neighbourhood. I’m trying to be more positive, engaged in her invitation to play, and be more involved. We hugged, kissed, sang songs, read books, cuddled, played together a lot more often. She is actually such a joy when I put the effort to connect with her. Things changed and we’ve spent most of these days without fuss. I kind of regret why didn’t realise it earlier though. However, I took at least two lessons from it. First, that mother-kids connection is very strong that kids can actually feel what we are feeling. She is miserable when I am also miserable, she is happy and I’m happy. A happy kid needs happier parents. Second, love and affection can work like magic in fixing things. Of course, I’m not saying this as a goodbye to bad days and bad moods. I’m a human being after all. Parenting challenges and struggles are still here and I don’t really know what kind of frustrations/meltdowns they have next in store. However, this will always be a reminder to me when things are out of control. My daughter sure teaches me to find simple joy in everyday life. She inspires me everyday. And I love her.

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DIY Kid’s Apron and a play-pretend


So I finally dusted off my sewing machine and started sewing again. I made a simple apron for Abigail as start. Of course, it has to be mustard and coral pink because I’m obsessed. Haha. This apron was initially meant for Abigail’s painting activity but she refused to use it on our painting session the other day. And last night, she was still wide awake at 11 pm (I was in a zombie mode, so sleepy). She handed this apron to me, asked me to put it on her and then she started her play pretend. I was about to get really mad because she refused to sleep and it was way past her bed time. We needed to get up early for school the next morning and I just needed some rest. But this little girl sure knows how to make me smile again. She cut the cakes into slices and served some to me (and I quickly grabbed my camera to get a few shots while she was playing). She asked me to pretend eating it. And you know, my mama heart melted just like that. And she went to bed right after that.

You know, it has been really tough these days to deal with her “nooooooo…” to whatever I said and asked. Probably we’re just starting this terrible two phase. But she is also that sweet little girl who likes to kiss and hug and do cutest things. I sure need to learn more about being a good mama, also to be more patient and stay calm when things are going wild with this toddler. I love her so much.

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Abigail lately, at lunch



These photos were from a Friday afternoon. She just finished her lunch, with crayons and a paper (always with her these days) beside her. She doodled while snacking on Cheerios. She had the best time of her own and because it’s very cute, I grabbed my camera and took a few shots. That was when I realised that this baby girl (well, not that baby anymore but still.. ) will turn 2 next month and I was like “where has the time gone?”. As always on every birthday coming. It’s true that days are longgg yet years are short in a mother’s dictionary. I love this little girl so much it hurts. And it breaks my heart a little bit knowing that she is growing fast. Well, just a little bit because it’s also fun to see her gets bigger and unfolds her own personality and character.

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Ashley Goldberg’s works






I have a huge craze on abstract painting all these years (and I love colours!). And talking about abstract painting, it’s really easy to fall in love with Ashley Goldberg’s works just at first glances. I’m totally in love! There’s just something special in her picks on colours, shapes and how nice and quirky they are when put together. I’ll probably need to befriend with brushes and paints then try creating a few swatches myself.

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