Abigail lately..





These photos were from last month. We went to take Abigail to play at Playtime, Bintaro. Abigail is now at her play age. Everytime she bumped into playground she would scream like crazy and pointed her fingers at the playground direction. Haha. We just give in most of the times because we want her to play play play and explore more at this age.

She will turn 18 months by the end of this month. It’s getting more challenging for me as a mama. She likes to clap your hands and ask people around to clap their hands, too, together with her. She likes to dance or hum when she hears familiar nursery songs, and asks me to join her. She also likes to giggle. Oh I just love those giggles. She is not talking much yet but she babbles a looottt and picking up a lot from everything that goes around her. The other day I found her trying to copy me, she attempted to crochet with my crochet hook and yarn. You know, like a pro. It’s kind of the cutest thing ever that this little girl of mine picks up so much from me, but that also gives me a little worry. I mean, how if she picks up the bad side of me? My short temper, for example. Because let’s face it, she now also bobs her head, moves her fingers and said “no no no” when she doesn’t agree with something. That’s just exactly how I say “No”. Well, not something I’m really proud of. But I’m always working on being a patient mama. As a full time mama, my life gets really wild, crazy and overwhelming somewhere between getting things done with house chores, cooking, feeding, playing with her. Sometimes she’s okay playing by herself for 15-30 mins, some other times she wants me to play with her. However, I really cherish every single moment spent with her because people say, there will come times when she’s bigger that she’ll probably think it’s much cooler to play with her friends than with us, parents. I really really wish she still thinks that we’re cool parents when she is grown up. Haha.

Well, I know there are some pros and cons about starting school at early age. I’m not against both sides. It is okay to start school later, it is also okay to start school early. Every kid is different, every parenting is different. We only need to see and observe what our children need and what’s best for them, because we’re the parents. Abigail will start school next month, 3 days a week and 2 hours each day. Actually nothing serious because the activities are just playing and crafting but my main purpose is to let her socialise more with her little friends. We’ve been researching and taking trials at several places before we finally made decision. And in the end we decided to put her to the school she’s most comfortable at. Abigail is a happy kid most of the times, except when she meets new people and be at new place. However, it’s quite surprising that she loves this school since the very beginning and it didn’t take long until she got along well with the teachers and friends. We took three times trials at this school and she was just happy to be there, she even refused to go home at the end of each session. Well, I hope I don’t jinx it but I take it as a milestone. :)

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Colour Crush: Black


Just another round with my colour grouping post. This time it’s black! Anyway, the other day my husband gave me a surprise by ordering Ferm Living’s half moon wallpaper. I’ve been eyeing for one since I first saw it (probably last year). Well, I think he can read my mind most of the times. Haha. However, the problem is that we’re still figuring out to apply it to one wall in our house. So, if you happen to know how, I’m all ears. Thanks. :)

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Last week Michael took a few days off from work and we went to Bandung to visit my in-laws and my brother who just started university there. Besides catching up and spending time with families, we also took this opportunity exploring Bandung, trying out new restaurants (there are lots of them!) and going to flower nurseries in Lembang. We had soooo much fun. We need more holiday like this, well who doesn’t, anyway? Haha.

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Mad about crocheting




If I haven’t been writing very often lately, it’s all because I’m engaged to a new hobby now. It’s crocheting! I have always wanted to learn to crochet since many many years ago. And I’ve made crocheting as my new year’s resolution a few times already and failed it, of course. However, this year is rather special because I finally ticked off one of my year of 2014 resolutions. Above are some of my creations. I’m currently making blanket and granny square variation. My husband really supports this new hobby but he’s probably sick of my rants about yarns every single day. Seeing my yarns collection that kept on growing, he took action and said “No more yarns this month. I’m serious!” but a few days later we went to a craft shop to buy crochet hook, he suddenly came to me with a handful of yarns he picked by himself.  He told me “Trust me this time, this colour combo will work like magic”. Sometimes he’s just sweet like that. Haha. Anyway, I’m currently looking for Stylecraft DK special yarns (they have the prettiest colours) but I couldn’t find them in craft supplies store I’ve been to around Jakarta. There are international online stores that sell this yarns but that’s gonna be my last choice. So, if you happen to know where I can get them in this city, do tell me. I will really appreciate your information, it will make me happy like a kiddo! Anyway, I learn the crochet patterns mostly from youtube. You may try if you want, but beware crocheting may cause a serious addiction. Once you start, you just can’t stop. :)

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Hampstead Heath








During our stay in England, we tried as much as possible to avoid crowds which we believed they wouldn’t be kids and parents’ friendly. Visiting green places was our priority. Luckily, we stayed not very far from Hampstead and since the heath was quite famous, we gave this place a go. The sun was in full force on our last day in England and when we visited Hampstead. However, the heat was too much even for a Jakartan like me, I couldn’t take it. Haha. Fortunately, there happened to be a food fest when we arrived, not something we’ve expected before but we were happy and giddy with so many food stalls to choose. There was Masterchef food truck and the burger was oh so yummy! It turned out to be very crowded later in the day, anyway. We were lucky to arrive quite early when there were not so many people yet and we left the area when more and more people are coming. And we took some time to explore this huge heath and it was a shame that we got lost inside. Haha. The heath was very pretty. There were some spots that gave a good view of London and its building. And people are chilling out and having a laid-back time: having a picnic, reading, playing with their kids, dog-watching, etc. We also walked through the Hampstead Village neighbourhood. The village brought the English countryside vibe and I was really in love with its prettiness. I was actually aiming for the Hampstead creperie because everybody is making fuss about it (you can see the creperie stall last in the picture). I forgot to take a picture of this crepe because I’ve savoured it fast as soon as I got it. And I loved loved this crepe! Probably one of the best I’ve tried.

Abigail was sleeping most of the time, again. She missed all the good food. Haha. But never mind, we would hopefully come back again some time in the future. Fingers crossed. Haha. x

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