Pimp my desk!


Last week I pimped my desk a little and really loved how it turned out! If you follow me on Pinterest, you can actually notice that I pin a loootttt of workspace inspirations on my board. Yes, I’m obsessed about nice workspace designs. The other day I talked about peg board and such a shame that I couldn’t find it anywhere in this city. Until one day my husband gave an idea to use a supermarket wire mesh, instead. He found that wire mesh at a store that sells supermarket supplies and materials. It’s such a clever idea, indeed. I think this one looks just as nice as peg board, even nicer. I get to hang and display some of my crochet creations there and love that it serves as pretty decorations as well. This little change actually makes a big difference to my desk. It looks much more lively and cheerful now. It even gives better organisation and less clutters all over my desk. Here’s to more DIY and ideas from this fresh workstation!

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DIY Drawstring Goodie Bag


Abigail is a big fan of Miffy so it wasn’t difficult to decide what her birthday theme would be. It just had to be Miffy! I ordered Miffy birthday cake and cookies, and print some coloring pages To put inside. Her 2nd birthday was nothing fancy, in fact, we just celebrated with her small group of friends. Therefore I decided to make the goodie bags myself. I ended up making drawstring bag because it’s actually useful and easy to make! It was made of canvas material with Miffy’s character screen-printed on top of it. Here are the step-by-step instructions. This is my first tutorial post so I hope you understand :)


Supplies needed: fabrics, 40 cm cording tubes, sewing machine, pins, scissors, iron.

1. Cut your two 30×40 cm pieces of fabric.

2. Work on the wrong side: Fold 1 cm around the three sides of your fabric, leaving the top side unfolded. Repeat with the back piece.

3. Sew those three sides down. Repeat with the back piece.

4. On the top side, fold 1 cm and fold again another 1.5 cm (so it’s  total of 2.5 from the very top). Repeat with the back piece.

5. Sew around the edge. Repeat with the back piece. You just created loops for your cording tube.

6. Join the two pieces of fabric. Sew the edge of three sides (leave the top sides) with right sides facing each other.

7. Turn the fabrics inside out and press.

8. Now thread the cording tube. Work on the loops at the top side  just created. Start from the right side of the front piece, thread the cording towards the left until the it comes out of the hole at the left. Continue to thread it towards the back piece until the cording comes out the right hole of the back piece. Tie the two cording tubes together at the end.

9. Work in counter current direction. Thread the cording from the left side of the front piece to the right side, continue to thread it from the right side of the back piece towards the left side. Tie the two cording at the end.

10. Pull the cords on each side to cinch and voila! Drawstring bag is finished!

I hope you find this tutorial useful! Good luck trying :)

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Birthday celebration at school






Abigail had a blast birthday with her small group friends at school. She liked the singing part and blowing the candles. As per her request, we had two rounds of singing Happy Birthday, blowing candles and slicing the cakes. Haha. That little girl of mine. It was her special day and she was really happy, so mission accomplished!

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Abigail turns two!



Last week, my little girl turned two and we had a little celebration at home and school. I’m always sentimental about her birthday. She is my first, the one who made me a mama… A first time mama. I know that miracle is actually real whenever I look at her eyes. I’m happy that she is my daughter, I love her with all my beings.

So, happy birthday, Abigail! Realising that you’re not going to be my little baby forever is kind of sad to me. However, I’m so happy to see you grow happy and healthy. It melts my mama’s heart to see you explore and discover things. You are a good girl with such joy and spirit! I’m just so proud of you. I hope that as you grow, you’ll love life and find that this life is actually full of wondrous. May God always be with you. Mama and papa love you so much!

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Oh hello, March!


Hello March! We started this month setting up a tiny corner in our study room for Abigail’s toys and stuff. Those stuff were previously up in bookshelves that practically was out of her reach. Husband and I want to encourage her to have more independent-play and to be more independent by taking the toys and books her own (instead of asking us to take them), also to teach her about tidying up after playing. She still forgets most of the times, but we want her to practice it more and more until it becomes a habit (hopeful thinking!) And those pictures were taken from when she just woke up from a good long nap, thus the post-nap hair. The view of her playing happily is always a nice treat to me.

Abigail will turn 2 by the end of this month and I’m preparing something for her friends at school and home. No, we’re not having a fancy birthday celebration but I just want something special for her and her friends. For Easter celebration at school, there will be a costume parade. I get excited about what I’m going to make for her this time. There are a few ideas but I still haven’t decided which one. And not to forget, Linoluna is preparing for a bazaar this month, too. So, this is a crazyyyy busy month! It feels millionth times busy with a toddler who wants me playing with her all the timeeee, and needs only short naps. I do need a good time management and a longer nights for me to work. Haha! Catch you later, good fellas!

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