Brunch, shall we?








Yesterday was public holiday and we were happy that it was on Wednesday. We are usually very tied up on weekends that we don’t really have time for just the three of us going out somewhere nice. Since we had nothing much on our schedule, yesterday we decided to have brunch. It was a very good decision to start the day, especially with the fact that mornings around our house are usually overwhelming for this mama; messy house, baby’s crying for food, husband’s asking for this and that. Haha. So, yesterday was a good one.

We went to 1/15 Coffee. This cafe is very close to our apartment, within 5 mins walking (my walking pace is moderate a.k.a not very fast, fyi). This was my third time there, but husband was a first timer. Haha. We are not really into coffee but we liked this place; the ambiance, the food and the interior design. This place got a strong character and taste and we liked it. And more importantly, Abigail liked the french toast. Haha. I think we should do more brunches in the future. Yes, husband?

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Linoluna Booth at the Market & Museum : Retro City







Last weekend we were at Grand Indonesia for the Market & Museum : Retro City. Taking part in trade shows is alwayss overwhelming in our book. The preparation, loading time, unloading time and all, especially that we are just a very very small team. Needless to say, my husband did the most part (he’s actually the brain behind Linoluna). However, seeing people’s enthusiasm and support made us giddy happy. And it’s actually worth every tear and sweat. Haha.

We will try our luck opening a temporary store at Common House Jakarta this coming weekend. We’ll be there for a month time. So, if you happen to be around Panglima Polim, don’t hesitate to drop by! Well, one or two chats won’t hurt. :)

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11, 12, 13 /52


11/52 : I adore her bright eyes. They have so much to tell.


12/52 : Abigail is always on the move; playing and exploring. And I just can’t handle the cuteness of her when she’s serious about something. Oh my little girl.


13/52 : She now likes to bounce on that bunny.>

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DIY: Pom Pom




About a week before Abigail’s birthday, I found myself spending my times on pinterest for too often. I was looking for some easy peasy DIY ideas for Abigail’s birthday decor. I came up with a few ideas and one of them was Pom Pom. It looks like pom pom is no 1 item in any party’s table decoration. All you need are yarns, scissors and circle cardboards. Later I found that using my hands and fingers are actually easier than using cardboards. I found the tutorial from Kelli Murray’s blog. It was my first time visiting her blog and I loved it so much!

It is very easy to make pom pom. However, just one tip for me, you may need to wrap a lot for yarns around the cardboards for a nicer, thicker and fluffier result. Good luck trying! x

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Living Loving’s afternoon delight gathering






When I got an email invitation to join this event last month, I was beyond thrilled. It got me really excited to take part in this event. Last Sunday was the day. As I arrived at the meeting place – a nice cafe just in walking distance from home – I was welcome by a very beautiful table arrangement. Beautiful flowers and itsy bitsy DIY stuff were on the table. Yes, one of the agenda was to have some DIY session from Workshop in A Box. We made paper flowers. Well, it looked easy at first but as I tried myself, I was completely wrong. Maybe it’s my clumsiness, but it’s really not as easy as I thought. Haha. However, I’m very inspired and very curious on how to create nice paper flowers. I really liked the ones everybody elses’ were making so I’m thinking of rolling up my sleeves to practice more at home whenever I have time. Haha. Anyway the gathering was really nice, I met inspiring and incredibly creative people there. I’ve only known them through Instagram before and so glad that I finally had the chance to meet them in person. We had good times, nice chats. And I went home with a handful of nice goodies. It was a delighting Sunday afternoon, indeed. Thank you Nike+Miranti from Living Loving for having me! Please please host another event alike and don’t forget to include me again. Haha.>

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