Around our apartment: My workspace





Welcome to my workspace!

It’s actually a very long story and a long argument with le husband until I actually have this space. He didn’t really agree at first but after given the view of my stuff (like craft supplies) scattering around our house, he changed his mind. So yes, he finally let me have my very own workspace. Well, not really a workspace as in a space for working but rather a space where I can have my me time making stuff or simply daydreaming and generating ideas. Since I have a very, very weak spot for colourful Scandinavian design, this space is much influenced and inspired by Scandinavian interior that I’ve mostly seen on Pinterest. It’s usually not this organised and tidy (usually it is this messy, sometimes worse. Oops!) but I was just cleaning this space and thought why not taking pictures of it and then sharing them in this blog?!

Well, this is my favourite place at night when Abigail is sleeping but it has now quickly become Abigail’s favourite space, too. You know, climbing on the chair then grabbing pencils/crayons and papers then just doodling on the paper (sometimes) or on the table (most of the times! Sigh). The stain can be easily removed by tooth paste (thanks to my husband! He likes to discover surprising facts sometimes), so no worry. I just have to keep my eyes on her whenever she takes over this space which means time to move stuff that’s not safe for baby, things like scissors or a cutter.

There is also a possibility I have to let go of this workspace for Abigail’s playroom this near future. Knowing that Abigail is getting bigger, we realise that she also needs a bigger space for her own development. We have been thinking about this and husband said the only thing around our apartment that we must let go for that playroom is this workspace. Well, sooner or later. But for now, I’m happy to have this workspace and will make the most of it.

p.s can anyone suggest where I can find peg board around Jakarta, please? I’ve been looking for one in some places and came home empty handed every time. If you do, thank you for sharing!

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My little painter




You know, the easiest activity to entertain Abigail when she is bored and we’re stuck at home is painting! It’s her favourite thing to do, actually. These days recently she has been asking to paint everyday about 4 times each day, which also means 4 (plus 2) baths a day. Sometimes she needs my help but most of the time she likes to explore herself. By explore it means she likes painting anywhere but the paper, like her body: foot, hand or face. This playing with paint activity can last up to 30 mins when she’s really in the mood and ask any mother in the world how luxurious it actually is to have 30 mins off from a restless kid. Haha! Also, I keep telling myself that it’s okay to have a toddler making mess around the house, because it’s part of learning, although I learn it hard way.

I actually want to introduce her to different activities to reveal her personal interest, what she likes and dislikes. And if she’s good at something or is really passionate about it, my husband and I want her to be very good in it, thus we hope to find it out since early age. Well, fingers crossed this mama is not too lazy in making up new activities because honestly, I have those days when I’m just too busy with my own things (or in my lazy days) and just let her do things we have done before. Any mothers who happen to read this and have ideas, I would really love to hear from you :)

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Classic Granny Squares Project


IMG_0251 IMG_0257 IMG_0237

I’m that kind of person who gets bored very easily with routines. I’m the master of starting something and leaving it unfinished in the middle of nowhere, which probably answers why previous granny squares blanket project is never finished. Haha. It gets worse because later I didn’t feel like the colours. And this is not something I’m very proud of, honestly. This year I want to be more patient and learn more about endurance and persistence. I want something simple but quite big, so I’m making just another granny squares project. So pictures above show a teeny tiny part of my 2015 project. Hopefully I can make one blanket out of those yarns. And fingers crossed this project will teach me something about those values mentioned above. We’ll see how far this will go. So, wish me luck!

Anyway, I’m using Drops Safran yarns in strong yellow, denim blue, orange, peach, lime and off white. All from Wool Warehouse.

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Mustard + Peach


[ photo from here ]


[ photo from here ]


[ photo from here ]


[ photo from here ]


[ photo from here ]

I’m not really into pastels, but these two are exception. They make perfect perfect combinations, my favourite of all time!! I’m a nod to anything that goes with these colour combo.

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Fox crochet purse

1 2

I’ve just finished Abigail’s fox purse a few days ago. And why fox? Because I’m a little too obsessed with this animal lately. Pinterest makes it look so cute. Haha. It’s still too long for Abigail, I haven’t adjusted the strap yet. Initially I made this purse to keep her itsy bitsy stuff when she’s out and about. I wanted to teach her having responsibility for her belongings. And just my luck… Abigail isn’t interested in wearing the purse more than 2 minutes just yet. However, the other day I found a few of her favourite stuff inside this purse (sticker, crayons and board book) which I suspected she put them there by herself. It’s just the cutest. So that’s okay, we can wait until she’s bigger.

Anyway, I love how this purse turns out. Probably my favourite crochet creation so far.

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