My kind of books


Back in those days when I wasn’t a mama yet, I really loved reading books (as in novels). And ever since I’m a mama, I’ve tried to read a few books but I just never really finished them. Well, probably it’s just me who show more commitment to reading. I still love reading, though (as in blogs, news, magazines, articles online besides children’s books). However, these days, I prefer books or any materials that can boost creativity (I’m talking about creative ideas with pretty colours, tutorials, tips and trick) as they are much more exciting, more applicable and less time-consuming. And I’ve found that they are quite a mind-therapy to me. Well, at least for now. So yes, books above are now hanging on my wish list. I’ll probably add them as my next year’s book buys. I’m still hoping to get back to reading real books but in the meantime those books above will do enough.

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Inspiration: Pegboard



We’re actually thinking to revamp our home office one of these days. It’s now a little bit messy around our home office (or we usually call it “studio”) with clutters of things (mostly my craft supplies). And after scrolling and browsing through Pinterest, we finally decided to add pegboard in our studio to store our craft supplies. This pegboard thingy is actually such a brilliant idea because we can store and display itsy bitsy of stuff. Those supplies can serve as nice decors too, when they are put together nicely. Above are some inspirations I gathered on my Pinterest. It’s gonna be a bit tricky and requires quite some DIY skills of my husband’s. We’re excited and really cannot wait to see the make over result. Wish us luck!

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A bunch of new patterns at Linoluna









Linoluna just launched a bunch of new series of cushion covers a while ago and last weekend we had a fun photoshoot of these new collections in our house. We hired our friend which is also a photographer, Bima, for this session so all of those photos were taken by him. Also, we have a pattern designer, Citra, who designed all those pretty cushion covers. Well, the herringbone series are actually designed by my husband. This business just gets more exciting and challenging at the same time. We are grateful for everything and hopefully won’t stop learning and exploring. You may take a peek at Linoluna webstore, some of them are already available online or you can also browse other stuff that might interest you :)

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My #crochettuesday





When I say crochet is addictive, I really mean it. I haven’t got bored and haven’t stopped since I started 2 months ago. I even encourage myself to create new things and learn new patterns every week that will be posted on my instagram under the hashtag #crochettuesday. I’m also doing this to get more productive in between my free time. Pictures above are some of what I’ve made that I also had on instagram.

Husband is now assigned to work as a field engineer that requires him to work away from home for two weeks (but two-week-full of holiday afterwards, yay!) and I feel that crocheting is the best cure to my loneliness at night when Abigail is sleeping.

Anyway, for those who wonder, there are quite a lot of free crochet patterns online. My favourites are Red Heart and Garn Studio. I also love to browse and purchase patterns from Etsy but sometimes I just improvise. I feel that as a stay at home mother, it is actually important to add creativity to our mundane daily routines. And it just feels good when this brain just keeps on generating ideas.

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Abigail lately..





These photos were from last month. We went to take Abigail to play at Playtime, Bintaro. Abigail is now at her play age. Everytime she bumped into playground she would scream like crazy and pointed her fingers at the playground direction. Haha. We just give in most of the times because we want her to play play play and explore more at this age.

She will turn 18 months by the end of this month. It’s getting more challenging for me as a mama. She likes to clap your hands and ask people around to clap their hands, too, together with her. She likes to dance or hum when she hears familiar nursery songs, and asks me to join her. She also likes to giggle. Oh I just love those giggles. She is not talking much yet but she babbles a looottt and picking up a lot from everything that goes around her. The other day I found her trying to copy me, she attempted to crochet with my crochet hook and yarn. You know, like a pro. It’s kind of the cutest thing ever that this little girl of mine picks up so much from me, but that also gives me a little worry. I mean, how if she picks up the bad side of me? My short temper, for example. Because let’s face it, she now also bobs her head, moves her fingers and said “no no no” when she doesn’t agree with something. That’s just exactly how I say “No”. Well, not something I’m really proud of. But I’m always working on being a patient mama. As a full time mama, my life gets really wild, crazy and overwhelming somewhere between getting things done with house chores, cooking, feeding, playing with her. Sometimes she’s okay playing by herself for 15-30 mins, some other times she wants me to play with her. However, I really cherish every single moment spent with her because people say, there will come times when she’s bigger that she’ll probably think it’s much cooler to play with her friends than with us, parents. I really really wish she still thinks that we’re cool parents when she is grown up. Haha.

Well, I know there are some pros and cons about starting school at early age. I’m not against both sides. It is okay to start school later, it is also okay to start school early. Every kid is different, every parenting is different. We only need to see and observe what our children need and what’s best for them, because we’re the parents. Abigail will start school next month, 3 days a week and 2 hours each day. Actually nothing serious because the activities are just playing and crafting but my main purpose is to let her socialise more with her little friends. We’ve been researching and taking trials at several places before we finally made decision. And in the end we decided to put her to the school she’s most comfortable at. Abigail is a happy kid most of the times, except when she meets new people and be at new place. However, it’s quite surprising that she loves this school since the very beginning and it didn’t take long until she got along well with the teachers and friends. We took three times trials at this school and she was just happy to be there, she even refused to go home at the end of each session. Well, I hope I don’t jinx it but I take it as a milestone. :)

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